Accident Investigation Training Doncaster

DTC Professional Training provide Accident Investigation Training courses in Doncaster.

No matter how diligent businesses are in undertaking risk assessments, developing safe systems of work and training their employees; accidents will happen. When businesses undertake risk assessments they have to accept that there will be what is called a residual risk, where businesses have to admit they cannot completely remove risk from the workplace. Businesses making use of a near miss and incident reporting procedure with clear definitions and clarity are less likely to experience serious accidents in the workplace.

When Accidents Happen

When accidents do happen, they can place heavy financial burdens on businesses, negatively impact the moral of the workforce and in some cases destroy the reputation of the business; so it is important that accidents are investigated properly in a structured manor. An accident investigation course will help your business gain an understanding of the immediate underlying and root causes of an accident, which in turn will develop an action plan to prevent a similar accident occurring again.

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Accident Investigation Training Doncaster

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Course Content

  • The Accident Chain
  • The Safety Pyramid
  • Accident Investigation
  • The Causes Of Accidents
  • Gathering Information
  • Reporting Accidents (RIDDOR Reporting Procedure)
  • Developing An Action Plan To Prevent Further Accidents