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DTC Professional Training provides Risk Assessment training in Doncaster.

Experience in Risk Management

Over many years we have gained experience within the industry and the industries where risk management matters the most. It's this experience that makes our courses second to none, providing relevant examples and scenarios where the management of potential risks is important for safety in your workplace. Our Risk Assessment Training Doncaster is accredited by IOSH, providing professional certification that may be required for insurance purposes, but most importantly giving you the confidence in the high quality of courses that we provide.

Very often when the subject of risk assessment is under discussion, in a training context, there is an accompanying image of a pair of dice, because dice are often a symbol of gambling. Since the Management of Health and Safety Regulations require employers, once they have five or more employees, to undertake a risk assessment to identify the hazards (aspects that are potentially very dangerous to their employees) and then workout what the risks are (the chance of something going wrong and resulting in injury, damage or loss).

At this point it would be interesting to examine the dictionary definition of a gambler or gambling; which is: “To behave in a way that risks harming someone or something”. So the question that the dice are prompting you to answer is am I an employer who values my employees, and someone who wants to comply with current legislation. Or am I happy to cut corners thinking that this approach will save me time and money, whilst gambling with the health safety and well-being of my employees. The problem is that people who gamble rely on luck, and as we all know luck eventually runs out and then we have to face up to the personal, legal and financial consequences of our gambling.

Our Risk Assessment Training Doncaster course content will help you and your employees to minimise the number of potential risks throughout your workplace, saving your company time and financially. For further information on our risk assessment certification, complete our quick contact form at the bottom of the page.

Risk Assessment Training Doncaster

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Course Content

  • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Management of Health & Safety Regulations 1999
  • Hierarchy of Control Measures
  • Five Steps to Risk Assessment Process
  • How to Asses risks within your work
  • Using past accidents to review risk assessments & control measures
  • Practical Exercises to underpin Delegates knowledge & understanding of risk assessment